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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Arabuko Sokoke covers an area of 420sq Km and is the largest block of indigenous coastal forest remaining in East Africa. It’s part of an ecosystem of great diversity with rare species of birds, butterflies, amphibians and plants. Notable , it is home to six globally threatened species such as the Clarke’s Weaver found nowhere else in the world , the  Sokoke Scops Owl only found here and in a small area of the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, East Coast Akalat, Sokoke Pipit, Spotted Ground Thrush and Amani Sunbird.

For mammals, it ranks high-up in the rarity stakes. Ader’s Duiker, Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose and Golden-Rumped Elephant are species who’s now populations are largely confined to the forest. The forest has walking and driving trails, a visitor reception centre, Nyari view point, Mida Creeks and some other surrounding local sites such as the renowned Gede Ruins, Kipepeo Butterfly Farm and a Snake Farm at Watamu. Access is through Gede Forest station situated along the main Mombasa-Malindi road, about a kilometer south of the Gede Village. More Info: KWS || Magical Kenya||or consult a travel agent near you.

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